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About Dream International Schools
Campus Location

Dream International Schools :School Location Dream International Schools is located in the Dream Land compound which is situated in a unique location overlooking the majestic pyramids of Giza, approximately 30 km from the heart of Cairo. The Dream Land compound contains the only golf course in 6th October. In addition, large green areas and public gardens make it a quiet, beautiful, clean and pollution free compound.

The school is incorporated in 6thOctober City and set upon 24,000 square meters within the safe and secure compound featuring around the clock security services. The school is a 3 story building, built upon 4,000 square meters, with the main building divided into two wings, comprising 130 classrooms.

Parking areas are available and jam free. The school offers spacious, well ventilated and fully equipped classrooms from Pre-School to Grade 12. A full-service cafeteria, completely equipped computer and science laboratories, a multi-purpose conference room, a library, a clinic, facilities for music and art, and the administrative offices. An additional 1000 square meter building includes a gymnasium, swimming pool, change rooms with lockers and additional administrative and student affairs offices.

Dream International Schools :Faculty & Uniform Dream International Schools’ faculty and staff are highly qualified with graduate degrees. Our faculty and staff strive to work together as a team supporting students to achieve academic excellence.


At Dream International Schools we believe that uniforms help encourage school spirit by enhancing a sense of pride and unity and they lead to a more conducive learning environment. Daily school uniforms and P.E. clothing are compulsory for all students. All clothing is available for purchase on campus.

Dream International Schools :Transportation Dream International Schools offers a safe and secure bus service throughout Cairo. Employees in the Transportation department are well versed with the law and safety precautions. An annual fee is applicable for those students requiring transportation. For further information please contact DIS.

School Fees

School fees are based on the educational system of enrollment. These fees include books but exclude uniforms and transportation. For further information please contact DIS.
School Schedule

Students attend classes five days a week from Sunday through Thursday. The school day begins at 8:00 am; students are dismissed at 2:45 pm.


The Dream International Schools has a cafeteria that caters to all the students and staff on the premises, providing healthy choices for breakfast and lunch as well as snacks. The school satisfies the legal requirements for health and safety as stipulated by the Ministry of Health.


The library provides access to a wide range of books, references, serials; video and audio tapes, all selected in accordance with the curriculum. These tools are very imperative to the development of students' thinking capabilities, language skills and proficiency levels.
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